Winter has arrived in force here today with the forcast calling for a tempreture range of 3 to 7 degrees although i am not convinced that it didn’t start at the higher and dropped. Some of the people at work were paying a lot of attention to the weather on the radio as the forcast was calling for snow down to 200 metres and their road home was higher.

Glad i bought an electric blanket!

Note this

(c) - A note left for rangers at the Douglas Apsley National Park saying their camping sign had an error

I have a confession, i didn’t find the subject of this months theme day on my own. I saw this note left for rangers saying it was wrong and went looking for the sign :-)

Firefox Download Day

Don’t forget today is the official Firefox Download Day as they try to set a new world record. Its actually wednesday here rather than the day since i couldn’t download it yesterday but thanks to the wonder of timezones there is still time. Get it while it is hot!

Your Fracking Kidding Me

So i got the chance to watch the mid season finale of Battlestar Galactica tonight. I’ll try not to drop too many spoilers into this post but it was a jam packed episode with a rather suprising conclusion. I was disappointed as the pace could have been a little slower to savour some of the events. But overall i felt like i have for most of this series, that its got a little tired and exhausted.

Now the other thing that gets me is that their definition of mid season finale is different to mine. It suggests an interlude for a couple of months at the most, not 8 months long after 10 episodes of a 22 episode series.

Brrr cold as

Brrr its cold here today. My fingers are chilled and the day outside is even colder with an annoying mist hanging around and I am thinking that it is going to be an even colder night tonight. Last night i took pity on the dog and let him stay inside which accounted for a bad nights sleep as he insisted on trying to remain in the middle of my bed. Dear little fellow was comfortable i think!

Mersey Hospital back to the Tasmanian government

Wow after almost a year later things have gone in a complete circle with the news that the Mersey Hospital is being handed back to the Tasmanian Government:

AFTER all the pork-barrelling and political wrangling, the Mersey Hospital will return to the Tasmanian Government and be run essentially as originally planned before the Howard federal intervention.

The small hospital at Latrobe, near Devonport in Tasmania’s northwest, was handed to the commonwealth during the federal election campaign last year.

John Howard’s intervention, aimed at retaining the then Coalition-held seat of Braddon, promised to save the Mersey from a state government plan to strip it of an intensive care unit.

So a year and a whole lot of political wavering later, the status quo remains.

And she would know how exactly?

I was reading the news and while i don’t normally care what they do, this really made me wonder how the Queen would know what a proper job is and the benefits that it brings:

THE Queen wants Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton to get a proper full-time job before the young couple consider getting married.

I really do wonder. Now if the whole family could do me the favour of staying out of the news for a couple of weeks i would be appreciative!

New AntiSpam Tool

Blog comment spam has always been a problem as if you have a blog, a spammer is going to come along soon enough and try to promote their product or services. I have been quite happy so far with the services of Akismet as an effective plugin to stop the spam dead in its tracks.

But because of the constant bombardment of spam i am always on the lookout for something better and so i have decided to give TypePad AntiSpam a test drive on a couple of my blogs to see how it performs.
I’ll let you know how it performs.

What is … or rather where is The Matrix?

I must confess it is a bit sad when it comes to wanting to watch a movie and despite owning two copies of the dvd, being unable to watch it. I like to think of The Matrix as a single movie and really don’t care about the other two movies prefering to forget that they exist. But the first …. i would like to watch it again so where the hell are either copy?

Get Publishing!

I have for a while been thinking of writing and publishing my own book as I feel both my photo blogs have enough material that they could make a decent book that I could then sell. But there is the whole “how do I go about publishing” question that I didn’t know the answer to. Until now.

I have just been looking at WordClay which is an Online Publishing application that looks great. It’s a DIY self publishing solution that guides you step by step through the process from choosing a book size, formatting the interior and option add on services like marketing.

Definitely something to keep in mind and it just makes me motivated to get going sooner rather than later! Get publishing!

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